A nice crypto ticker

  • AC or USB powered
  • Open source, easy to use high-level code library
  • Wireless or RJ45 (optional)
  • Multi-OS, Plug&Play,Driverless

Easy to use

Plug & Play, open API, ...


Very clear screen for great readability, even 40 ft away


An original gadget with a nice design

  • Useful for any info you want to constantly watch, like a wall-clock.
  • Put it on your desk at home, at work, in your bedroom, and make it display whatever you want.
  • No more need to check your smartphone or PC screen.

Get your HomeTicker now

Price (excluding VAT) is 48.50 €.

On top of credit cards, we are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning, Litecoin and many cryptos.

Payment method accepted : credit cards and crypto-currencies.

Technical features

Frame color Black
Data interface of the HomeTicker USB 2.0 type-A plug
Internet connection Wifi and RJ45
(through the optional MicroGateway)
Power interface of the HomeTicker USB 2.0 type-A plug
Power interface with the
optional MicroGateway
micro USB
Power interface with the
ACDC power adapter + MicroGateway
AC power plug EU or US
Display technology Vacuum Fluorescent
Power 2W (USB)
Plus 3W for the optional MicroGateway
Display format 2 lines of 20 characters
USB cable length 1.5 m
Brightness 700 cd/m² (dimmable)
Characters font 5x7 dot matrix
Characters size 9.1 x 5.2 mm
Dots size 1.26 x 1.0 mm
Panel dimension 215 x 65 x 38 mm
Weight apprx. 0.9 kg
Working T&H 10-45°C / 10-85%
Warranty 2 years