This page is for the MicroGateway option.
If you bought the HomeTicker with USB only, you need to connect it to a computer. Please refer to this web gage.


There are 2 ways to connect to the MicroGateway : RJ45 SSH or Serial USB.


You need a terminal such as KiTTY.
Get KiTTY here

Reach the MicroGateway

If the MicroGateway is connected on your LAN with a RJ45 Ethernet cable :
Connect to the IP of the MicroGateway to the SSH port 22.

If you connect the MicroGateway to your PC with the microUSB port :
Connect to the virtual serial interface at 9600 bps.


The default access setup is :
user : ht (or root)
password : hometicker
You can change this with the passwd command.

Connect the Wifi

If you use the RJ45 cable link with a DHCP server (e.g. with an internet provider box), the MicroGateway is already connected to the internet.
If you want to connect it to the Wifi, there's one more step.
Once connected in the MicroGateway console (see above), just type nmtui. It should display a menu where you can Activate the wifi link, select your SSID and input the wifi access password.
To check the status of the connection, you can use the following commands :
nmcli con show
nmcli dev wifi

Startup a program

To start a display program automatically when the MicroGateway starts up :
(hello.py is set up in this example)
crontab -e

 @reboot cd /home/ht/HomeTicker;./hello.py
Press : CTRL+X then Y to save and exit.


If you get an issue with our systems, in case of any trouble and you need assistance, you can directly reach our support team at support@hometicker.shop .